Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Summer Camp Program!!
Reminder that, Saturday April 19ththere will not be any classes for the Easter weekend.
I would also like to take this opportunity to mention to everyone that Centro Scuola Sport is happy to announce we will be running our Summer Camp program. The program details will be coming out in full in a couple of weeks, but a few highlights are as follows:
- Camp will be offered in full day and half day sessions, located at Dante Alighieri Academy
- Our camp will not only concentrate on Soccer and Italian but will include a variety of activities. Camp will include soccer, Italian instruction, arts and crafts, music and games and also very fun theme days!
- Full day cost is $320 for a two week session
- Half day cost is #160 for a two week session
We at Centro Scuola Sport are really excited for this Summer Camp and are confident that we will be able to give a fun everlasting experience to your children!!
There will be much more to come, in the following weeks!! For any interest or questions feel free to email me! Don’t forget to follow @ScuolaSport on Twitter for updates!
 Last weeks homework is posted below this ;-)
Thank you,

Francesco Servello
Coordinator of Centro Scuola Sport

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